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Càite SIM Plans

Personal GPS Trackers require a mobile SIM card to allow you to talk with the wearer, and for them to send location updates to you. 

Benefits of choosing a Càite SIM Plan

      • Tailored specifically for Personal GPS Trackers
      • Hassle free and easy to register – just enter a few details to get started
      • Connects to EE, which offer the biggest coverage of any UK network.
      • Free access to the easy to use Locàite app – try the free demo at 
      • Online, step by step “how to” guides answering our most common questions.
      • Priority email and online chat support for peace of mind.

Best of all, there’s no complicated set up required. Just enter the Tracker Activation Code supplied with your Tracker when you register within the Locàite app or online at Locàite Web.

Càite SIM Plans cost £7.99 per month, which includes 60 minutes of outgoing Tracker calls to standard UK mobile or landline numbers, 30 text messages and unlimited data. Any additional minutes over and above those included each month cost just 10p and additional messages cost 5p. Càite SIMs operate on EE, the largest UK network provider for great performance. EU roaming is available on request.

Read the Càite SIM Plan full Terms and Conditions.


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