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/ katjə / ;  adverb
1. where, at what place

Who we are.

Caring solutions for real lives

Where? It’s one of the most important questions.

In a world where things are hard to find, we create modern solutions to help.

Personal GPS tracking
We are passionate about making it as easy as possible to check in on elderly or vulnerable relatives.

Locàite is our bespoke, high-end solution for the SOS and Fall Alarm pendant with indoor movement monitoring, which locates the wearer and alerts you to falls both inside and outside the home.

From registering, setting up and using your device, to offering enhanced features such as easily sharing location with others, instant smartphone notifications, one click intelligent tracking and SIM card billing all in one location.

Best of all, it’s free with Càite SIM Plans . You can see Locàite in action at any time – just download and tap ‘Try demo account’ .

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