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/ ləʊkatjə / ;  [neologism]
  1. tracking application
  2. to know where
  3. to locate

Locàite helps you check in on elderly or vulnerable relatives that wear a Personal GPS Tracker and alerts you to falls both inside and outside the home. 

Read all about Locàite on our dedicated website here.

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Locàite advantages



Immediate access to the wearer’s location (full status report, history, etc, always up to date)


Longer battery life

Intelligent battery use with Home Locàite, which automatically switches off GPS at home to maximise battery life.

Easily share Trackers

Safely share your Trackers with as many other app users you wish, in just a few clicks.

Simple to use app

Locàite is our free, simple to use smartphone app that keeps you in control.

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