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Trackers menu

If you have more than one Tracker, select the one you’d like to view using the menu icon at the top left.

Share your Trackers, Add a New Tracker, access your Account and refresh the Trackers menu using the links at the bottom.

Tip: You can also swipe from the left edge to show the Trackers list


Tap Tracker Settings to connect to the Tracker in real time and adjust various settings.

Emergency Numbers: Store up to 3 numbers for the Tracker to call in turn, until one is answered. We recommend that you switch of voicemail for each Emergency Number. End the call by hanging up, or the wearer can click the SOS button once.

SMS Alerting: Switch on for each emergency number to receive an SMS message in addition to app notifications. Please note that 10 SMS messages are included each month and additional SMS messages are charged at 10 pence each. 

Geo Fence Alerts:  Moving the Tracker out of, or in to, the preset area triggers a GeoFence alarm. You should set the Geo Fence when the Tracker is at the desired location.

AGPS: Improve performance when GPS signal is low.

LED: Control the flashing of the blue and green LEDs

Fall: When the Tracker senses a fall, it beeps 10 times to inform the wearer that an alarm has been triggered. Click the SOS button during these beeps to cancel the alarm. Please contact us to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the Fall sensor.

Listen in: Call the Tracker silently, to hear if everything is OK.

Motion Alarm: If no motion is detected for the selected time, the Tracker will alarm once. It will reset after the next motion.


View Alarm descriptions for the EV07s Personal GPS Tracker.

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