Location help

Trackers menu

If you have more than one Tracker, select the one you’d like to view using the menu icon at the top left.

Share your Trackers, Add a New Tracker, access your Account and refresh the Trackers menu using the links at the bottom.

Tip: You can also swipe from the left edge to show the Trackers list


The Tracker’s latest location is shown by the small circular marker together with how long ago it was recorded. A larger, see through circle behind this estimates a margin of error if only a low number of GPS satellites are available.

Recent locations are also shown, gradually fading with time. Arrows show the direction in which the Tracker was moving at the time.

There are two icons at the top right of the map.

  • Tap the square icon to view the current location on your phone’s map.
  • Tap the circle icon to view the previous 60 locations on the map, which is up to 3 hours depending on your selected update frequency.


Note: It’s normal for the position to move a little, even if the Tracker is stationary and especially if it is indoors. The Tracker only switches on briefly every few minutes unless it is moving and the GPS signal is far weaker inside buildings, reducing the accuracy a little.  For highest accuracy, ensure your Tracker has a clear view of the sky, is moving and set to track with the shortest time interval. 
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