Possible error messages


Cannot add Tracker

Error: Cannot add Tracker. You’ve already used that Tracker Activation Code.

If you can see your Tracker listed, but can’t see its location, please confirm it is ON and then check your APN and IP settings.

Error: Invalid code

The Tracker Activation Code that you entered is not correct. Please double check and try entering again, ensuring you are entering all capital letters. If this persists, please message us.


No contact from this device yet

If you expect to see this tracker’s location, please confirm it is switched on and the green LED shows a double flash. You can move the tracker next to a window or outside for best signal.

If you are seeing this message, it means that your tracker hasn’t yet communicated with our servers.

When your tracker has successfully connected to the mobile phone network is will show a single flash Connected to GSM networkand will be able to make calls and texts. Once it subsequently establishes a data connection, the green LED will show a double flash Connected to Locaiteand it will be able to connect with the app.

If you see a long flash Searching for GSM network it means your tracker is searching for a mobile signal. If this persists, please move your tracker to a window or outside for best signal.


No active billing set up

Please activate a SIM Plan for this Tracker by visiting Account > Tracker SIM Plans

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